The traditional US Treasury market structure has become ineffective at meeting today's challenges of heightened financial regulation and has resulted in diminished liquidity. The time is ripe for a new platform that provides superior execution, balance sheet compression, anonymous trading, and greater liquidity. OpenDoor has pioneered such a solution, founded on the following key principles:


Facilitate Buy Side Transition: Integrate the Buy Side into an anonymous, All-to-All session-based platform that enables them to both source and create liquidity.

Strengthen Dealer Relationships: Provide a market-based solution that enhances the value of traditional intermediaries while leveraging their existing franchise.

Innovative Protocols: Promote both mid-market transactions and order flexibility to a diverse universe of Treasury traders via a unique combination of proven trading protocols.

Liquidity as a Service: Produce software providing robust, low frequency, and low touch delivery with a single common user experience.