OpenDoor Securities (“OpenDoor”) CEO and co-founder Susan Estes has been named Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2016 Women in Finance Markets Choice Awards presented by Markets Media. The Women in Finance Markets Choice Awards, in their second year, recognize the most distinguished women in the financial services sector at firms that range from hedge funds and global banks to institutional investment firms, exchanges, and technology vendors.

Susan co-founded OpenDoor in 2015, following an accomplished career in fixed income trading, where she was the first woman ever to run a primary dealer. Susan led the fixed income trading desks at some of the industry’s largest financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Countrywide. Susan was also a member of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (a Federal Advisory Committee) and served as a Member of the Board of SIFMA.

This honor comes just before to the 2017 launch of the OpenDoor platform, the first all-to-all session-based trading platform designed specifically to improve liquidity across off-the-run Treasuries (OFTRs) and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS).

The Market Choice Award interview with Susan Estes is available here.

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