For Michael Paulus, the chance to join the management team of OpenDoor Securities was an opportunity to put his decades of banking and public sector experience to use in an exciting new, but related way.

As a key member of the leadership, Michael has been working closely with CEO, Susan Estes, a trading icon, on a financial technology solution that seeks to address many of the issues facing the U.S. government debt market. It’s a tall order but the signs are already good.

“Being a member of the OpenDoor team is more than just a job,” Michael said. “It’s a mission to really do the right thing for the marketplace, investors and the U.S. Government by increasing liquidity in the government debt market. I’m not sure many people can truly say they work for a business that is also good public policy.”

The goal of OpenDoor is to transform 98.5% of the outstanding U.S. Treasury market by creating an anonymous, all-to-all trading platform for what are called off-the-run issues, as well as TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities), which protect investors against rising inflation.
There’s no other firm with the same dedicated mission, one which will create additional value for millions of taxpayers by enabling them to trade and invest at better rates, while keeping the door open for the U.S. Treasury to issue debt. The ability of the U.S. Treasury to issue debt efficiently and economically allows the government to operate in a politically responsible way.

Michael works as a member of a tight-knit team, based in New Jersey, but with global aspirations. Run by a former Wall Street head of trading, OpenDoor is the first women-controlled trading platform, and therefore is making another big statement in a traditionally male-dominated marketplace.

“It’s about making a difference,” said Michael. “Making money is important for almost everyone, but I like to think that we’re well on the way to changing the way that one of the world’s largest markets operates. That makes it feel particularly special and exciting.”

Michael’s Relationship Manager is Michael Crompton.